Cyber Insurance: Many Choices Now That There Is No Choice

Joseph S. Harrington, CPCU, ARP

12 APR 2017

Every organization, of every size and operational orientation, needs cyber insurance to manage its exposures in this age of networked information.

That was one thing speakers agreed on at the recent 2017 Cyber Liability Symposium held by the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS).

 No organization is off the radar for bad actors who relentlessly seek the weakest links for accessing valuable personal and financial information, threatening to shut down an operation, or seeking to do physical damage. Read more.

Would Bitcoin ‘Function’ in a Societal Collapse?

This article caught my eyes not because of bitcoin but because of a scenario of nuclear war in East Asia. And it argues;

“Yes. Electricity and the internet may be less reliable or more expensive but they would be available. An increasing dependence on the blockchain would make it a top economic priority.

It would also be a top military priority. In October 2016, the Pentagon revealed it was actively exploring blockchain technology “to create tamper-proof military computer systems, including those used to control America’s nuclear weapons.” Other nations are undoubtedly doing the same.”

It’s an interesting angle to talk about blockchain. (yoshi3346) Continue reading “Would Bitcoin ‘Function’ in a Societal Collapse?”