May 15 – 17, 2017

May 15, 2017
  • Opening Remarks and Keynote “Fireside” Chat with Edward Snowden
  • The Challenges of Big Data and Regulatory Compliance
  • Identity as a Pillar in the Global Development Agenda: Efforts to Date and Future Directions
  • Investing in Identity
  • Trends in Identity Management for the Modern Enterprise
  • The Business of Identity
  • Know Your Self
  • National Identity Schemes: Contrasting Different Approaches and Progress
  • Implementing Identity for All
  • Trusted Digital Identity Networks: A Journey Towards Self-Sovereign Identity
  • The [Unexpected] Business of Identity
  • International Regulation of Identification in Financial Services: Key Differences and Trends
  • Identity Verification: Demographic Challenges
  • Lessons Learned from Identity Verification in Emerging Markets
  • Who Owns Identity? A Conversation
  • But Can You Have It All? Re-inventing the Privacy, Security, and User Experience Tradeoff
  • Unlocking Value Through Attributes
  • Fireside Chat with Carmi Gillon: Identity and Security
May 16, 2017
  • Regulatory and Policy Options to Support Advances in Digital Identity
  • The New Ideas in Access Control – Physical and Information Security in our Connected World
  • Automate! Automate! Automate!
  • Dirty Money in a Digital World: Modernizing Approaches to KYC, AML and Terrorist Financing
  • Facilitating e-Commerce in a World Where Everyone is a Merchant
  • Creating Tiered Identity Models
  • Modern Multi Factor Authentication
  • Turning Risk and Compliance into a Competitive Advantage
  • Identity, Trust, User Experience, and the Sharing Economy
  • Personal Data: An Asset and a Liability
  • Identity Interoperability: Driving Collaboration and Standards
  • Identity on Blockchains
  • Trust Frameworks: Their Critical Role in Governing Identity Systems and Allocating Liability
  • Convenience, Security, and The Next Step for Biometrics
  • Payments in the Era of the Internet of Everything: Cracking the Identity Challenge
  • The Art and Science of Continuous Identity Verification
  • Breaking the Identity Theft to Fraud Cycle
  • Regulating Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Identity?
May 17, 2017
  • Identity and Democracy: A Look at Voter Registration
  • Remote Identity Proofing: Opportunities and the Road Ahead
  • The Next Step for Identity Professionals: De-weaponizing Identity Systems
  • Startup Pitch Stage: BBVA Open Talent Competition Finalists
  • The Personal Data Economy
  • An Invitation to the Relying Party
  • Startup Pitch Stage: BBVA Open Talent Competition Finalists
  • It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Synthetic Identity!

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