UN, Alibaba’s Jack Ma forge startup assistance program with Estonia’s e-Residency

Neil Hughes
25 APR 2017  

The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development has joined forces with Alibaba founder Jack Ma to create “e-Trade for All,” a new program that aims to make it easier for people to start a business online, especially in developing countries.

As a special advisor to the UNCTAD, Ma will help foster growth of online businesses, particularly in areas of the world where internet access is limited or nonexistent. The efforts were announced on Tuesday in Geneva, as part of e-Commerce week. Read more.

Explosive Disruption: The Power of Networks


Sometimes I wonder what this moment in time will look like to future generations. How will our grandchildren judge us when looking back at how we responded to today’s disruption? Will they wonder whether we understood that we were standing on the cusp of a whole new world order?

Perhaps they will ask whether we fully appreciated that we live in a world that is in transition – from a model of business, political participation, relationships, values and society that we are familiar with to one that is still largely unknown and needs our shaping. Read more.