Request for Information for Blockchain-based International Assistance

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NOTICE - Amendment of RFI for Blockchain-based International Assistance

Reference number: UNOPS-2017-RFI-Blockchain-001-AMD1 

Thank you very much for many enthusiastic responses to the RFI. We are humbled by all the attention given to this RFI.

In close collaboration with World Bank (WB) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), we are working on to organize the information received in the way to cater the needs of the multinational development and humanitarian community.

Please note the following amendments of the RFI will be posted shortly;

1. The deadline for the submission: it is extended until the end of June 04, 2017 at CET (Central European Time).

2. The method of the submission: please fill the online form to make your submission, including the attachments, at . There is no change in content.

Also please note that the registration with UNGM is not required yet at the stage of responding to the RFI.

For a quicker communication, we have opened a Slack public channel. You can join the channel at

UNOP -2017-RFI-Blockchain 001 Blockchain-based International Assistance *all countries June 4, 2017 Request For Information View

Request for Information (RFI) 

Blockchain-based International Assistance

Beneficiary country: Multiple countries

Reference number: UNOPS-2017-RFI-Blockchain-001-AMD1

Description: Blockchain-based International Assistance

Deadline date for submission of Request for Information: June 4, 2017

Posting date: 24th April 2017


The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) has formed and maintained the multi-UN agency group for blockchain technology, consisting of UNOPS, UNDP, UN Women, UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR and UNDG, and has identified the potential of blockchain technology to dramatically improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability in the international humanitarian, development or peacekeeping assistance. UNOPS and the member organizations of UN blockchain group have been analyzing the possible applicability of the existing or emerging blockchain-based services to the international assistance area and is conducting market research for such services, associated technologies, tools, services and concepts applicable for the use in the international assistance. In this Request For Information (RFI), UNOPS intends to solicit the information widely from the industry of blockchain space and to identify potential partners / suppliers for the future work in the area of international humanitarian, development or peacekeeping assistance.

This RFI will support ongoing market research to identify;

i) Firms capable of providing blockchain-based solutions for international assistance,

ii) Firms capable of providing a conceptual framework based on blockchain for international assistance,

iii) Firms interested in pursuing the potential use of blockchain technology for the international assistance with the multi-UN agency group.

This market research shall be conducted at NO COST TO THE UNITED NATIONS. Responders may be requested, as part of this RFI, to give a presentation to UNOPS and multi-UN agency group for the information provided as a response to this RFI.



Below listed are some of the concepts, technologies and functionalities that we wish to consider as part of blockchain-based international assistance work. Please note that the below list does not form a specific requirement, nor should limit your innovative approach and technologies. The purpose of the list is merely to give a general idea on what is in discussion in the context of improvement of the international assistance with the potential benefit gained from applying the blockchain technology:

1) Gateway for contribution – Ability to accept contribution in multiple currencies, including fiat and cryptocurrencies, in order to maximize the benefit of the blockchain technology for the onward flow of the value of contribution.

2) Management of the pool of fund – Mechanism and technology of active, passive or abstention of fund management, i.e, investment strategy, currency trade particularly in the volatile cryptocurrency market etc.

3) Tracking of the fund – Ability to track the information about the fund from the contributors to the intended end-beneficiaries by making best use of blockchain technology.

4) Tracking of the goods and products – Ability to monitor and control the movement of the goods and products throughout supply chain across the geographically dispersed and fragile security areas, often crossing national borders.

5) Self-executing function – Ability to make use of smart contracts in order to improve the efficiency as opposed to the traditional lengthy monitoring, reporting and decision-making process throughout the funding flow.

6) Self-auditability – Ability to ensure the self-audit is maintained and clearly visible to the contributors on real time.

7) AML/KYC – Ability to meet AML/KYC requirements as well as counter the fraudulent risk.

8) Identity management – Ability to provide an identity to those who do not benefit from the respective competent authority for the identity registration, including those who have no fixed address, and to manage their identities.

9) Data storage – Ability to store, transfer and share data without compromising the data integrity, security and privacy with no single point of failure.

10) User Accessibility to the system – Ability to connect the intended end beneficiaries with the proposed system in the insufficiently developed infrastructure limiting internet access.

11) Distribution of value – Ability to distribute the value to the intended end beneficiaries, i.e., payment of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, tokens, coupon, or credit via paper, mobile phone, card etc. in a manner timely traceable, transparent and incorruptible.

12) Regulations – Ability to get versed in, comply with, and operate in, a given regulatory framework.

13) Interoperability – Ability to work with other products or systems, present or future, in either implementation or access, without any restrictions.

Respondents are welcome to;

  • respond to all or only part of the listed items above;
  • submit not only the available services but also any intellectual contribution on the listed items;
  • provide any new innovative idea beyond the items in the above list for the use of the blockchain technology to improve the efficiency and transparency of the international assistance.



Respondents are requested to submit the following information, including the attachments, by the end of June 4, 2017 at CET (Central European Time) through the online form at .

1.Corporate Profile

a. NameAddress

b. AddressWebsite URL

c. Website URL

d. Brief summary of experience

2. Point of Contact

a. Name

b. Email address

c. Tel no.

3. Any additional information that you consider relevant to your offering in the market and that you think we should know regarding your products and services.


Please note that there is no particular format for submission, and that you are free to attach additional documentation to supplement the information you provide, including the corporate brochure, white paper of your product/services, already published research article, concept or strategy paper.




708 3rd Ave. 14th Floor, New York,

NY 10017 USA

Attn: Yoshiyuki YAMAMOTO

E-mail: [email protected]

UNOPS appreciates your assistance with this market research and emphasizes that this effort is for planning purposes only. This announcement is a Request For Information (RFI), not a solicitation for offers, and accordingly, no contract will be awarded from this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any cost associated with providing information in response to this announcement or any follow-up information requests. Industry responses, as a result of this announcement, shall focus on providing recommendations for the requirements as stated above.

Responses will not be treated as proposals, but may be used to create any subsequent Expression of Interest (EOI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) / Invitation to Bid (ITB). Respondents should clearly mark any proprietary information submitted in response to this RFI. Please note that responding to this RFI will NOT disqualify the respondents to bid for future solicitation for proposal such as RFP or ITB. Nor this RFI is considered as pre-requisite to a future possible procurement process.

Respondents, however, could in future enter into a formal relationship with UNOPS or another UN organization involved in this initiative through future procurement process and therefore must be mindful of and able to meet standards of conduct as reflected in our General Conditions for Contract

For companies not registered with the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) it is mandatory to do so in order to be able to do business with UNOPS in future. The UN Global marketplace is a database of active and potential suppliers available to all UN and World Bank procurement personnel, and is the main supplier database of more than 20 UN organizations. To register, go to, click on “REGISTER NOW” or on Registration drop down and select “Register as Supplier”.

 UNOPS NY Office

708 3rd Ave. 14th Floor, New York, NY 10017

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Name: Trexyl Chua-Miranda



Approved by:


Name: James Provenzano


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