The International Unicorn Club: 91 Private Companies Outside The US Valued At $1B+


Intl. unicorns map cover image4

China is home to the top 5 most highly valued unicorns outside the US.

The global unicorn club is comprised of 189 private companies that are each valued at $1B+ as of 4/10/2017. Collectively, this cohort of the world’s most valuable private enterprises is worth approximately $659B. The lion’s share of that value is held by companies that are located in the US. In fact, 52% of the world’s unicorn companies are located in the US, and US unicorns comprise 53% of the cumulative valuation of the global unicorn club.

However, unicorns that are located outside of the US have been proliferating in recent years: Thirty-seven percent of all companies (current and past unicorns) that achieved a $1B+ valuation in 2014 were based outside the US. The following year, 53% of all the companies that reached unicorn status that year were based outside of the US. In 2016, that number increased again to 58%. So far in 2017, there have been 11 companies added to the global unicorn club; 8 are based outside of the US. Read more.

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