Would Bitcoin ‘Function’ in a Societal Collapse?

This article caught my eyes not because of bitcoin but because of a scenario of nuclear war in East Asia. And it argues;

“Yes. Electricity and the internet may be less reliable or more expensive but they would be available. An increasing dependence on the blockchain would make it a top economic priority.

It would also be a top military priority. In October 2016, the Pentagon revealed it was actively exploring blockchain technology “to create tamper-proof military computer systems, including those used to control America’s nuclear weapons.” Other nations are undoubtedly doing the same.”

It’s an interesting angle to talk about blockchain. (yoshi3346) Continue reading “Would Bitcoin ‘Function’ in a Societal Collapse?”

5th UN Blockchain Meetup

Date: 30 March 2017

Place: UNOPS, 708 3rd Ave. 14th Floor, New York


2:00 – 3:00

  • Cryptocurrency funding platform – summary of challenges and options
  • DC Blockchain Summit debrief by Susan Joseph
  • Outreach plan
    1. UNCT
    2. Blockchain friendly donors
    3. Private sector

3:00 – 4:00

By bridging together cutting edge big data, mobile and IoT devices, and blockchain technologies to promote food security, reduce food waste, empower woman, and bring the unbanked to the digital economy.


Crypofinancing Conference – The Future of Startup Finance- Initial Coin Offerings, Token Sales, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain

Date: 6-7 June 2017

Place: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot Street, City of London, London, E1 8GP, United Kingdom

How about raising $8.2 million dollars in less than 20 minutes without giving up a lick of equity as a startup?

That’s what a Blockchain startup out of Poland called Golem Project did a few months ago. Continue reading “CRYPTOFINANCING 2017”