Banks Turn to Bitcoin Tracking in Fight Against Human Trafficking

27 FEB 2017 CoinDesk


A shift occurred in the summer of 2015 that sent modern-day slavers flocking to bitcoin.

Following pressure from Illinois law enforcement, Visa and MasterCard ceased doing business with BackPage, an online classified ads service that has been accused of being a thinly veiled front for prostitution and human trafficking.

As some positioned the move as the kind of “moral policing” for which bitcoin was a perfect workaround, the decision had an unintended side effect that may have actually helped make the job of modern day slave traders even easier.

The tried-and-true investigative techniques that had been until that moment employed by law enforcement and banks to help prevent human trafficking were largely rendered null and void as the pedlars of human cargo embraced bitcoin. Read more.

Blockchain Association of Canada: A New Vision Beyond Bitcoin

Jessie Willms

Interest in blockchain technologies in Canada is growing rapidly as new fintech startups and blockchain ventures are launched and governments indicate they are interested in the possibility of Canada becoming a global fintech/blockchain hub. Even the central Bank of Canada is getting in on the act conducting experiments with blockchain technology and digital currencies.

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The UN Needs Blockchain to Achieve Its Goals

The UN Needs Blockchain to Achieve Its Goals
sam cassatt
8 Feb 2017 ConsenSys Media

I recently traveled to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, and was surprised to find blockchain on the minds of many of the leaders convened there. Even those who were not particularly knowledgeable about blockchain were aware that they should know about it. I participated in three events, including a panel at the Swedish Lunch, where I spoke about reimagining our global identity infrastructure, in front of a well-informed audience. Continue reading “The UN Needs Blockchain to Achieve Its Goals”