Let us NOT miss this opportunity to change the world!

Let us NOT miss this opportunity to change the world!
Ashish Gadnis
24 MAR 2016  BANQU

Economic impact of the refugee crisis, the Brussels attacks and the banker’s view of the Blockchain

Below are 2 articles that on the surface don’t seem connected, but, deep down they are. If your goal is to change the world, then they are most definately connected!

The First Article: The Economist misses the point. The key point made is that while there is the banker’s perspective for blockchain, the real opportunity lies in disrupting the status quo of aid, refugee camps, old “development” approaches to conflict zones and undocumented migration.

The real opportunity with the blockchain open ledger is that it truly enables a global economic identity for every human being. An identity that is basic birth right, same as freedom and human rights.

That is what BanQu is all about! www.banquapp.com   Today’s FinTech hype is a scene filled with greed knowing no bounds as big banks get bigger. Again! 2008 anybody?

If we can channel some of the hype and a fraction of funding to “blockchain for good” we can change the world.  The goal, dismantle the traditional “pity” frameworks that focus ONLY on “outputs” and ZEROon “outcomes“.

The Second Article: Case in point – This article points to the gaps in our current model of security, migrant population management and general understanding of what is really going on!

The fallout of the Brussels attack will inevitably lead to hate towards innocent Syrian refugees who themselves are victims of hate and attacks but ISIS and Assad. The Post article misses the underlying story – the story of 4 year Abdul in Syria (and millions like him), right now standing in a WFP food line and nobody knows who he is! Nobody knows his name. He is a number.  A number only known within the WFP framework and nowhere else.

So here is a Real-world, Practical Solution

Recognize and digitize the identity of those displaced by war and genocide. An identity that gives them dignity global entry and standing, respect and livelihood to support their families.

Turn the tragity into a win.  Grant them an identity that allows connection into the global economy for good!

Now, I bet you are thinking, what about the bad guys who killed innocent people in Brussels and Paris?!

The answer is: if every refugee checkpoint enforced a common digital identity (like the one BanQu is implementing worldwide using human characteristics) then we would know the movements of the bad guys. I know you are thinking “well that is one naive view!”. Yet, if you think deeper, the Post article highlights that there is NO global identity! The known terrorists are moving freely in plain sight!

For those that are hard working, god loving, family focused refugees – a global identity gives them the opportunity to rebuild and leverage their trust networks that have been rooted for ages. These trust networks are what makes the difference between “yet another refugee” and “a human with potential“. This gives them the ability to get their lives back, instead of being banished for life in a refugee camp with no way out!

Think about it.

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